Pico Laser Treatment

Almost 10 times faster than traditional Laser technology, Pico Laser utilises mechanical pulses that can be measured by picoseconds, i.e. 1 second is equal to one trillion picoseconds. 


Making use of vibrations caused by mechanical pulses, Pico Laser is effective in destructing pigment molecules, hence targeting epidermal sunburn spots, aeststes and café-au-lait spots, dermal naevus of ota and blue spots, as well as hormonal spots and acquired accumulation of dermal black pigments. During the treatment, Pico Laser minimises the heat generated and conducted to skin tissues, reducing the side effects of laser treatment including skin blackening and white spots formation due to energy overuse. Pico Laser technology is safe and reliable, as certified by the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA).

  • Pico Laser Treatment

  • Pico Laser Treatment (5 cm X 5cm)

  • Pico Spots Removal 532 (0.5 cm X 0.5 cm)



Xeo Laser Genesis

XEO Laser Genesis applies Nd: YAG 1064nm Laser pulses which gently heat the collagen molecules in dermal layer, fading facial wrinkles, shrinking pores, whitening the skin and treating brown spots.


XEO Laser Genesis is also effective in treating nasal and facial rosarea, pimple scars, dilated blood vessels and inflammation. Equipped with the brand-new Real Time Calibration energy output technology, XEO Laser Genesis further ensures the treatment effect and safety. After the treatment, the skin might be slightly reddened, but it will not bring about any negative effects in daily life. Cutera Xeo is safe and reliable, as certified by the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA).

  • Pigment Laser Treatment

  • Shining Laser Treatment

  • Calming Express Laser Treatment


XEO Titan

Xeo Titan is effective in heating 1-3mm of dermal layer by utilising the ultimately safe 1100-1800 infra-red technology. It tightens the skin in a short period of time, induces the contraction of collagen tissues and brings out collagen growth.


When compared to traditional radio frequency instruments, with its unique infra-red technology Xeo Titan precisely applies energy to 2.5mm-3.2mm dermal layer, contributing to a more effective skin treatment. Xeo Titan targets skin loosening and roughness, facial wrinkles, double chin, under-eye bags and circles. Cutera Xeo is safe and reliable, as certified by the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA).

  • Infra-Red Dermal Lifting for Face

  • Infra-Red Dermal Lifting for Eyes

  • Infra-Red Dermal Lifting for Neck


Hifu Lift and Tight Focus Treatment 

U-ONE HIFU is equipped with conal intensive system and the breakthrough focusing technology, emitting an interlocking series of intensive ultrasound waves. Regarded as an advanced treatment technology, HIFU gives an outstanding result by making every energy focus extremely stable, hence diminishing the traces of aging and maintaining a young appearance.


With its effect similar to face tightening surgery, HIFU penetrates through fascial layer by non-invasive means, enabling a natural cosmetic result without suffering from the pain caused by surgery. U-ONE HIFU has three operating heads, 1.5mm, 3.0mm and 4.5mm, specific to different levels of fascial tissues, among which the 4.5mm head precisely heat the dermal tissues to 60-70 degree Celsius, producing heat foci to tighten the SMAS fascia without any damage to epidermal layer. Non-invasive, leaving no external wounds, no need for recovery, enabling an instant normal life, HIFU brings out a smoother skin, diminished pores, lifted face, reduced double chin, tightened neck and facial skin, and gets rid of the saggy eyebows and eyelids. U-One HIFU has been certified by both Korean Drug and Food Administration (KFDA) and European Conformity (CE). Early outcomes can be observed after the first treatment.

  • Hifu Lift and Tight Focus Treatment for Face

  • Hifu Lift and Tight Focus Treatment for Neck


Cell Rejuvenation Firming Treatment

Cell Rejuvenation Firming Treatment uses 1560nm fractional laser beams, which penetrate into dermal layer. Fractional laser integrates the advantages of aggressive resurfacing laser and non-wearing laser, bringing out a significant result in highest safety.


Utilising the breakthrough photothermolysis for skin repair, it is able to cover a large treatment area without damaging the cells and causing side effects. Normal tissues near the treatment area form new cells which help restore the targeted skin cells, while the heat generated from the laser beams facilitates collagen growth, getting the skin rejuvenated and healthier. The result is significant in restoring loose skin, wrinkles, pimple holes and large pores.

  • Cell Rejuvenation Firming Treatment



Collagen Rebooting Treatment 

MTS microneedles treatment uses computer in controlling needling speed and depth to produce micropores on skin, inducing the natural healing and recovery of skin.


The microneedles used are in length of 0.25mm to 2.0mm, penetrating to multi layers of skin. With additional stem cell and collagen growing essence, it can effectively stimulate collagen growth, improve facial skin condition, and restore enlarged pores, pimple holes and scars. With standard sanitization procedures, the whole treatment uses one-off materials that will not be reused.

  • MTS Collagen Rebooting Treatment

  • MTS Nude Skin Treatment


Non-Invasive Hydration
Radiance Treatment

The needleless Israel INFUSION instrument is equipped with patented IonWave™ technology, opening the cells and increasing their permeability and absorbance towards active ingredients. Nutrients hence are able to reach cells in both epidermal and dermal layers to enhance skin’s defensive power and reduce redness and allergy caused by dryness.


After the treatment the skin is gradually moisturised and becomes more nutritious, brightening the skin, immediately fading dry wrinkles, tightening the face and diminishing the pores.


We fully utilise concentrated active essence specially designed for INFUSION, which is pragmatic in fading wrinkles, inducing collagen growth, moisturing deeply, tightening and restoring the skin, as well as helping get body in shape, lose weight, and reduce formation of stretch marks.

  • Non-Invasive Hydration Radiance Treatment


Laser Hair Removal

Targeting unwanted hair by means of exposure to laser beams which destroy the hair follicles, it helps remove hair in different body parts, maintaining smooth and clear skin.


  • Laser Hair Removal‭ (‬Upper Lip‭)‬

  • Laser Hair Removal‭ (‬Chin‭)‬

  • Laser Hair Removal‭ (‬Cheeks‭)‬

  • Laser Hair Removal‭ (‬Under Arms‭)‬

  • Laser Hair Removal‭ (‬Upper Arms‭)‬

  • Laser Hair Removal‭ (‬Forearms‭)‬

  • Laser Hair Removal‭ (‬Full Arms‭)‬

  • Laser Hair Removal‭ (‬Thigh‭)‬

  • Laser Hair Removal‭ (‬Lower Legs‭)‬

  • Laser Hair Removal‭ (‬Full Legs‭)‬

  • Laser Hair Removal‭ (‬Half Back‭)‬

  • Laser Hair Removal‭ (‬Whole Back‭)‬

  • Laser Hair Removal‭ (‬Half Abdomen‭)‬

  • Laser Hair Removal‭ (‬Whole Abdomen‭)‬

  • Laser Hair Removal‭ (‬Bikini line‭)‬

Valid for 3 years


Co2 Laser Removal

CO2 Laser does not involve any invasive wounds, leaving no scars in healing. On the contrary, it only affects the targeted tissue in non-invasive means, minimising the chances of bleeding or infection.

  • Warts Removal

  • Mole Removal


Valid for 3 years


Velashape II 


With its unipue elos (electro-optical synergy) technology, Velashape II combines infrared (IR), bi-polar radio frequency (RF), mechanical rollers and vacuum/negative pressure, continuously heating deep dermal and epidermal tissues. Mechanical rollers lift the skin up repeatedly, helping improve lymphatic drainage and smoothen the bumpy cellulite. Negative pressure induces vasodilation to increase blood circulation in specific areas, improving body contour, getting rid of cellulite and reducing fat deposition.


Velashape II is certified by the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) to be safe and reliable.

  • Velashape II‭ (‬15‭ ‬minutes for each body part‭)‬


Hifu Body Shaping Treatment 

Equipped with conal intensive system, U-ONE HIFU has been regarded as an advanced treatment technology due to its breakthrough focusing technology and interlocking series of intensive ultrasound waves emitted. By making every energy focus extremely stable, HIFU gives an even more outstanding result. Its brand new 13mm focusing ultrasound technology enables it to penetrate through the dermal layer and reach the subcutaneous fat layer 13mm below. Its patent automatic precision heats the fat cells to 60-70 degree Celsius, not only shrinking them but also stimulating collagen production.

Effective in repairing loose skin and cellulite, boosting collagen growth and reducing fat. Early outcomes can be observed after the first treatment. U-One HIFU has been certified by both Korean Drug and Food Administration (KFDA) and European Conformity (CE).

  • Hifu Body Shaping Treatment‭ ‬