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Perfect Skin Facial Treatment

To rejuvenate your skin and restore its health condition, we provide professional skin care procedure, from purifying, moisturising, anti-allergy, to whitening treatments.

Suitable for‭: ‬dry skin

  • Calming Essential Oil--Soothing and helping heal allergic skin and skin under pressure

  • Vitamins--Facilitating the growth of collagen and elastin

Dermalogica Well-being Facial

Dermalogica Cell Restorative Facial

Suitable for: allergic, sensitive skin, and reddened or stinging skin due to environmental change

  • Oat Extract--Rich in polyphenol compounds which help resist irritation and reddening

  • Boerhavia Root Extract--Boosting inflammation-recovery tissues and natural anti-inflammatory agents

  • Ginger Extract and Bisabolol from Chamomile-- Compounded formulation helping reduce redenning and skin rashes

Hydraclean Facial

Suitable for: dry and oily skin

  • Salicylic acid--Cleaning, anti-bacterial and able to fade pigments in spots

  • Hamamelis--Removing wrinkles and improving skin quality

  • Allantoin--Softening and soothing skin

  • Not suitable for skin with eczema

Dermalogica Re-Balancing Facial

Suitable for‭: ‬oily skin with enlarged pores

  • Anti-acne Purifying Essential Oil--cleaning, purifying and detoxifying your skin

  • Kaolinite--rebalancing, purifying and detoxifying

  • Zinc Oxide--Cleaning clogged pores

Suitable for: skin with folds, loosening and puffing problems

  • Multitendyn Plus Soybean and Pea Polypeptides- -Improving nutrients and oxygen supply to skin and strengthening extracellular matrix in connective tissues

  • Carnosine (Natural L-amino acid )--Helping re store elastic fibre and collagen, hence maintaining elasticity and flexibility of skin

HSR Skin Energy Facial

Perfect Skin Facial Treatmen


XEO Titan


Xeo Titan運用安全性極高的1100-1800紅外線技術,將真皮層1-3mm加熱,可於短時間內令皮膚收緊,刺激膠原蛋白立即收縮,誘發膠原增生。


相對一般射頻儀器,Xeo Titan利用獨有紅外線技術,更能準確地提供 能量至皮膚2.5mm-3.2mm真皮層,療程效果亦比一般射頻儀器顯著。 有效針對改善皮膚鬆弛、粗糙、淡化皺紋、雙下巴、眼袋及黑眼圈等問題。 Cutera Xeo巳通遇美國FDA安全及臨床實驗認證,絕對安全可靠。

Forever Young Facial Treatment

Our skin is exposed to all sorts of pressure, contamination and the harmful UV radiation, leading to a dull and lifeless skin. To help you regain a healthy, illuminating skin, we provide you with the best skin care treatment in various rejuvenating series according to your personal needs.

Suitable for: aging, dry skin

  • Caviar Essence--Facilitating blood circulation and cell reborn

  • Water complex--long hydrating effect, controlling evaporation

  • Collagen--Fading wrinkles and dry lines, and shrinking pores

Suitable for: any skin type

  • 1% Retinol--Skin tightening, anti-aging

  • Hyaluronic acid--Relieving dryness and allergy

  • Oligopeptide--Fading pigments

  • Niacinamide--Controlling and preventing acnes

Dermalogica IonActive Facial

Gen X Skin Anti- Aging Facial

Suitable for: aging skin loss of elasticity

  • Matrigenics-Activating the genes for collagen fibres, elastin fibres and hyaluronic acids in tissues

  • Oxygen complex--Increasing cell energy

  • Collagen from fishes--Tightening and lifting

Suitable for: wrinkled and dry skin

  • Imudilin--Boosting immunity of skin and reducing signs of aging

  • SNAP 8--Restraining wrinkles and lines

  • Hyaluronic acid--Moisturising

Caviar Collagen Facial

Guinot Hydradermie Lift Facial

Suitable for: dry skin

  • ATP, Actinergie--Renewing oxygenating cells

  • Fig Essence--Moisturising

  • Water Complex--Long hydrating effect, controlling evaporation

Guinot Double Ionisation Facial

Suitable for: aging, dull skin

  • Vitamin C--Anti-radicals, anti-aging

  • Cell Energising Elements--Stimulating growth of cells and repairing damaged cells

  • Tightening Essence--Anti-wrinkles, increasing skin elasticity

Nano Vitamin Facial

Suitable for: skin after laser treatment and fragile skin

  • Vitamin A,C,E--Simultaneously activating collagen growth, repairing, whitening and anti-oxidising

  • Phycosaccharide®--Highly effective in resisting inflammation, soothing and reconstructing skin

Energy Booster Recharge Facial

Suitable for: dry skin

  • Green Tea--Enhancing cell renewal and repair

  • Collagen--Fading wrinkles and dry lines, and shrinking pores

  • Moisturising Molecules--moisturing and brightening

Skin Jexion Lines Reducer Facial

Forever Young Facial

Advanced  Eye Treatment

Uunqie Acupressure Massage for Eyes, Relaxing, Relieving and Soothing

Suitable for: wrinkled and dry skin around eyes

  • Arginine--Increasing elasticity of skin

  • Lysine Peptides--Stregthening the natural barrier of skin

  • Soy Protein--Reducing and repairing the signs of early aging

Dermalogica MicroZone Eye Treatment

Guinot Eye Logic Treatment

Suitable for‭: ‬under-eye bags and circles

  • ATP--Boosting cellular energy

  • Collagen--Lifting and tightening

  • Vitamin C--Anti-radicals, anti-aging

Caviar Eyes Perfector Treatment

Suitable for: fragile skins around eyes

  • Caviar Essence--Facilitating blood circulation and cell reborn

  • Collagen--Fading wrinkles and dry lines

Bio Optic Eye Contour Treatment

Suitable for: any skin type around eyes

  • Plant Collagen--Reducing eye wrinkles

  • Draining Complex--Dredging excess water and toxins in eyes

  • Green Tea Essence--Anti-oxidising

Advanced  Eye Treatment
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